Following the events of the third week of the League, the organizer’s have put in place the following updates:

1. Results

Chainsmokers        60 – 63  Betaland Rocks
Alskling Patriots    86 – 39 The Undrafted
MUSC Owls             60 – 50 Trustly Pay N Play
Congratulations to the winners!

2. Penalties

Captains! Please assume responsibility with your teams! The Organizers will only give ONE warning regarding penalties. The Organizers have neither the time or energy to chase people.

MUSC will not be allowed to participate in another match until the penalty incurred from week two, is settled.

3. Time-outs

I raised this issue with the referee’s and the answer is the following: If a team requests time-out more than once, they will get a warning and no time-out will happen.

4. Claim

In the case of disputes regarding statistics and referee decisions, please DO NOT ask or ARGUE with the Supervising Committee on the day.
Team Captains should raise a request with the organizers and we will discuss reparations. We will only accept disputes and complaints from team captains.

5. Players registration sheets

Every player who is registered on the team sheet, will contribute to the match statistics, whether they appear for the match. Play or Not. Personal and team statistics will be affected.
As everyone should be aware for a player to participate in the Play-Offs , said player must have participated in at least half of the respective team’s games, throughout the season.
If a player is registered in the sheet and does not appear for the match, this will still count towards the “Play-Off counter“.

All right reserved.

Kind regards,
Organizers of Future Basketball League