The league

The Future Basketball League (FBL) is an amateur and not professional basketball league based in Malta.

The FBL was born following the footsteps left by the Malta League of Basketball Lovers (MLAB), point of reference in the past years for all the regular and occasional basketball players on the island.

We want to sincerely thank Kamil Dworniczak, MLAB founder and organizer, that through 4 editions and 3 years, has spread the love for the basketball running a league that counted more than 200 players from more than 30 countries.

As FBL, we want to continue to promote basketball and it’s principles: fun, engagement and most of all fair play. We like to think that the League wants to be an occasion for everyone not just to play games but also to be part of the island’s basketball community.

The League would like to be even a “first step” for all the players who wants to show their skills and maybe “be drafted” and enter in one of the maltese official championship.

According the “Love of The Game” spirit, the Organizator will give his best even to provide, time by time, not just results and scores, but even the most importants stats for every player, along videos and, on top of all, prizes that FBL sponsors will offer.

FBL is a nonprofit organization.

FBL Board


  • Robert Novak


  • Miguel Costa

Honorary Members

  • Kamil Dworniczak
  • Enrico Soldati
  • Davide Riva
  • Aleksandar Radovanović
  • Nino Budanec