500 per team

Team Registration Fee

In order to participate to FBL you need to pay the Registration Fee.
This fee is per team, per season and is a one-off payment.

40 per player

Late Player Registration Fee

You are allowed to have up to 15 players on your team as you want and you can add or swap maximum 5 players till the maximum limit of 15 player per team.
To explain, every team can request maximum 5 modification in the roster. If the team number is less than 15 then it can be addition, else it has to be a swap.
Be aware of 8th point in the “REGISTRATION, FEES AND TEAM RULES” section of the Rules.

50 per match

Walkover Penalty

FBL will try to be as flexible on the schedules as possible but, in respect of the opponents and the League, if your team won’t play the game, you’ll need to pay the Walkover Penalty.
In case of issues, you are required to told to FBL your unavailability at least 3 days prior the game date.

10 per foul

Technical Foul Penalty

Fairplay is very important in FBL. Tight matches and rivalry are part of the games but the main reason FBL is played is for fun. No one is professional, every player as well as the referees. FBL doesn’t tolerate any aggressive behavior during the game so, apart from being suspended, your team will have to pay a Technical Foul Penalty.

30 per foul


FBL doesn’t tolerate any aggressive, especially continuous, behavior during the game so apart from being suspended and player has to miss the next game, your team will have to pay a Disqualification Penalty.

30 per player

Player Transition Fee

A player can change team during the season until the play-off starts.