Following some events that happened during the seventh and eighth week of the League, the organizer has put in place the following updates:

1. Results

Seventh Round:

Swieqi Rocks 61 – 68  The Expendables
Filfla Lizards   70 – 90 Musc Owls

Eighth Round:
Alskling Patriots      71 – 81  The Expendables
Filfla Lizards 59 80 Swieqi Rocks

Congratulations to the winners!

2. Players and Game Schedule

All the team rosters were fixed.
Robert Novak was moved to the Filfla Lizard‘s team.

3. Technical foul

Paul Caruana got a technical foul in the last round.
FBL doesn’t tolerate any aggressive, especially continuous, behavior during ANY event. Abuse of other players, staff or referees is NOT tolerated at all.
Seeing as it is only the first case during the season, the organizer has decided to waive the penalties.
Please note that this is just a gesture of good will and WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.

Kind regards
Organizer of Future Basketball League