Following some events that happened during the third and fourth week of the League, the organizer has put in place the following updates:

1. Results

Fifth Round:

Alskling Patriots     89 – 76  The Expendables
Filfla Lizards   85 – 79 Swieqi Rocks

Sixth Round:
Musc Owls      77 – 57  The Expendables
Alskling Patriots  77 – 69 Swieqi Rocks

Congratulations to the winners!

2. Players and Game Schedule

All the team rosters were fixed.
Marko Zloh was drafted by the The Expendables because Mike is leaving the team.
Schedule of the season games are uploaded to the site:
This schedule is written in stone till all the 4 relevant team leaders agree to swap the games. Please refrain from contacting the organiser before an agreement has been reached between the team leaders.

3. Registration fee

Swieqi Rocks have to pay the rest of the registration fee before the next game or else the team will be disqualified.

Kind regards
Organizer of Future Basketball League