Following some events that happened during the first and second week of the League, the organizer has put in place the following updates:

1. Results
First Round:

The Expendables   75 – 69    Swieqi Rocks
Musc Owls      Postponed    Filfla Lizards

Second Round:
Alskling Patriots    81 – 58  Swieqi Rocks
The Expendables   70 – 67 Musc Owls

Congratulations to the winners!


After two games were postponed in the first round and Srbija Do Tokija withdrew in the really last minute, the second season started. Halleluja.
In the first round Swieqi Rocks were leading by 15 points during the 1st and 2nd quarter but in the very end The Expendables managed to flip the table and win.
In the second round Patriots were leading during the full game and they won by 23 points over Swieqi Rocks.
Musc vs. Expendables was a heroic “fight”. 2 overtimes (5-5) minutes and Musc played the full game with 5 players. Their 6th players joined in the 2nd overtime only. Thanks for the Fair Play for Andrius Petkus who allowed this for Musc.

3. Players

Before every game every team captain has to register min. 5 and maximum 12 players.
If more than 12 players will play during the game from one team, the team should pay an additional fee.
If the captain cannot register at least 5 players it will be a walkover.

New player registration fee was decreased from 50€ to 40€. And draft time was increased firstly till the 1st of October and then to the 6th of Octorber at 23:59 PM.
So from now on every new player has to pay 40€.

4. Registration fee

Registration fee should be paid in full. In some cases a deal can be made with the Organizer to pay the fee in installments or at a later date.
If the fee is not paid as was agreed, the relevant team will be disqualified and no excuses shall be accepted.

5. Disqualification

FBL doesn’t tolerate any aggressive, especially continuous, behavior during ANY event. Abuse of other players, staff or referees is NOT tolerated at all.
Any player found guilty of this misconduct will be suspended and has to miss the next game.
The affected team will have to pay a Disqualification Penalty, which must be paid before the next appearance of the team. Failure to comply will result in a walkover.

6. Playoffs

The first 4 team will qualify to the playoff.
Semi-final: 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3  (1 game)
Bronze game (1 game)
Final (3 games) 

7. Rules

Some rules changed from last year:

1. Every player has to play at least 33% of the season games to qualify to the playoffs
2. Player can be registered if he is on the court  before the 3rd quarter starts
3. New player registration fee was decreased from 50€ to 40€
4.  Every team has 2 timeouts in the 4st quarter.

Please read all the rules here:

8. Terms and Conditions

To comply with the above, the next time a player should wish to play, they must sign a one-time form stating that they have read the rules, will abide by them as best as they can, and any penalties or fees that are accrued must be paid.

Above all we are here to promote fun and fair play. The rules are in place for this to help keep this vision.

Kind regards
Organizer of Future Basketball League